Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Unfinished Story

"So, what's new ?"

I really hate that question as a conversation starter.
I mean really, you have no choice but to say,
"not much."

Well, the truth is, there is not much new.
Yet things are very different.

Not that long ago, we expected, hoped for, and eagerly awaited 
a flight across an ocean to meet the little boy we were certain was ours.
We had hoped he'd be home by Christmas.

I have clothes collected from yardsales over the summer
not even knowing exactly what size he would need--
cute little fall overalls, winter sweaters, and little boy jeans.
I am not sure what to do with that now.

Today it dawned on me that I had to take his pictures off this blog.
He is not ours. He belongs to someone else.
This is not the way I thought the story would end.
 But then again, I am not the author.

I'm not going to pretend that I understand what happened.
I certainly don't pretend to know what happens next.
But I'll tell you what I believe.

There is more to the story that we don't know.

And as much as I want to know...
as much as I want to go...
the answer I get is...
No. Not yet.




After years of going, going, going on this adoption journey it's hard to be still.
It's hard to wait. It's hard to accept. It's way beyond my understanding.
 I may never get the answers to my questions.

There is a special quote of Steven Curtice Chapman that God used to get this whole story started:

He (God) delights in doing things that we say are impossible.  Ours is to have the faith to take that first step.  If you start that journey and it isn’t completed the way you thought it would, God is still in that journey and will provide for you.  I would encourage people to step forward and see what God wants to do in their lives." 

We took that first step.  We took the zillion steps in between. 
But I never ever considered that our adoption journey would end without an adoption.

"If you start that journey and it isn't completed the way you thought it would, 
God is still in that journey and will provide for you."
I have to keep reminding myself. I really, really do.

"God is still in this."
"God is still in this."
"God is still in this."

REST in His timing. REST in His goodness. REST in His purpose.

Wait expectantly for the Author. 
The story isn't finished.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Slide: The Rest of the Menagerie



Awwww... notice Mom's hands. 
 I remember trying to get this little stray kitty to drink.

I think this is a different grey cat.

I believe I named it Pookey.
(groovy carpet!)

Mom despised this cat being in the house.
I remember it being an attack cat.

This one I barely remember.
Funny how quickly our cats disappeared.
(shoulder pads baby!)

I have such fond memories of these baby ducks!

We all remember this guy, right?
See the little ducklings?

Those ducks provided some interesting stories!

So what's missing?

I know there were rabbits, fish, turtles, gerbils, and turtles too.

I have a whole new appreciation for Mom.

Don't you?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Slides: Name that Dog!

Wish I had time to look for more Rudy pictures!

Hope you enjoyed your dog memories.  More pets coming next week!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Where have you been?

My Dear Blog,

I think about you often.  I really do. I have not given up on you! It's just that there have been some big changes around here and we are all taking some time to adjust to our new reality.  Family comes first, and they have really needed mom to be there for them.  Personally, I have needed some time to process all the questions, thoughts, and ideas churning in my head. I hope you understand.

In case you were wondering, the kids are doing great in their new school.  We have seen miraculous progress that we wouldn't have believed possible those first few rocky days.  Thank you, God, for that!  We obviously didn't plan to send them all back to school this year, but we have seen glimpses of God's purpose in this exciting new adventure.  We are all learning important new things about ourselves--that's for sure!

Here's one thing I have learned about myself: in the process of giving six wonderful years to homeschool, a part of who God made me to be was languishing.  One of the hidden blessings from all this unexpected change is the new found opportunity to spend a wee bit of my day being creative.  I have not made time for this in years, and I can't begin to tell you the joy it brings to wake up the right side of my brain. One of these days I'll tell you all about what's happening in my basement studio!  So fun!

I have been surprised by many things these last few months, but one of the most surprising things is the realization of just how much of my identity and purpose was wrapped up in being a homeschool mom and adoptive mom.  Is this what they call a mid-life crisis? Eeeek! I hope not! I'm not going to go all deep and philosphical on this with you, but I have found myself wondering about these things.  And so to end my letter, I'll share a fun little song that speaks to my heart about our true identity in Christ. 

Just ask my kids, JJ Heller is my new favorite. Listen close and enjoy!

I'll be back soon!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Out of the Blue

Like I've always said to my crabby littles...
"If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it."

I guess that explains the lack of posting.
I just can't seem to muster up anything nice to say.

No worries though.  We all have our blue periods.
Picasso made it famous.

The Tragedy

Pablo Picasso, The Tragedy, 1903, oil on wood, 1.053 x .690 m (41 7/16 x 27 3/16 in.),
National Gallery of Art, Washington, Chester Dale Collection
My sister sent me Psalm 71:20-21 out of the blue
(no pun intended)
 and it put words to my weary heart.

 Though you have made me see troubles,
    many and bitter,
    you will restore my life again;
from the depths of the earth
   you will again bring me up.
You will increase my honor
   and comfort me once again.
Psalm 71:20-21

Thanks Lori.
I love it.
And I believe it.

So enough about blue.

Lets go find some color!

We spent Sunday afternoon sans kids
and could think of nothing better than to dust off the canoe
and take her for a spin.

It was perfection.

Believe me, I am a perfectly useless paddler when there are pictures to be taken.
For the sake of not boring you with a travelogue, I have selected my top twelve.
Take into consideration my old trusty rusty point and shoot camera, the lack of photo editing, and the tippy situation, and you should be pretty impressed at the raw talent.

Ba. Ha.

God's the artist here...












 And my favorite!


It would really make my day if you pick your favorite.
You can vote by leaving a comment.

A comment?
I know. It's scary.

Just try it!

It's really not that hard!

You'll figure it out!

It will be so fun!

Hello? Is there anybody out there?

You can do it! I know you can!

Yay for you!


Thank you to Charlie and Melanie for a beautiful Sunday afternoon!!!