Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Slides: Name that Dog!

Wish I had time to look for more Rudy pictures!

Hope you enjoyed your dog memories.  More pets coming next week!


  1. Awe. I'm sure my dad can name them all. Some of these pictures look familiar, I think he may have shown them to me at some point, it seems vaguely familiar. =) My favorite story about the dogs was the one my dad told us about Rudy saving the ducks from the neighbor's pointer dog. I think I might remember it better than he does, though. haha.

  2. So I don't know why Joel hasn't posted on this yet. He's not much of a computer guy.

    But I have to say that these pictures warm my heart because I know that these animals were such a big part of his childhood. Oh the stories I've heard over the years about Rudy, Jessie, and Pepper...

    And I love the picture of the guys building the dog pen. Jeff looks particularly dashing with his straw hat, tank top, cuts offs and blue socks.