Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Slide

I've gotten a sweet request for another edition of Sunday Slides.
This one is for you, Sue -- a few vacation slides in random order.
Bring back memories??? Hope you like it.  
(I'll be waiting for that comment you promised!)

I think this is the picture you were thinking of...


  1. These are all so sweet! I love it! The picture of mom and dad makes me smile for many reasons :)

    Here are a few questions:

    Why are you all wearing long pants at Mt Rushmore (where it is HOT!) but shorts on the snowy mountain side?

    And what was written on the brown bag Kristi is holding?

  2. Thank you, thank you, Kristi!!
    That picture in front of Mt Rushmore is just the one. I think that was 1978 because I'm wearing my Blue Lake sweater from that year. If I'm right, that was the same summer Bob's family was there. Isn't that funny? Jodi, the paper bag has the date we were there in Colorado seeing that snow in the middle of summer. Lori, those red shorts with white trim are just like what the girls are wearing again. But not me, and I bet not you! Isn't Mom pretty in that last picture of everyone? I think she was about 49 then. And Kristi you were sooo cute(as always)!

  3. See what I mean? It's the red shirts and plaid pants again! Plus I was obviously going through a very sulky adolescence....

    Man, I've felt bad ever since last summer that we never got a chance to have the traditional vacation slide show when you were here! That would have entertained your kids no end! Well, you'll just have to come back soon and do that. I've got scads of incriminating vacation slides needing to be scanned. For next trip?