Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Slide

You might think this is a strange picture for a Sunday Slide,
 but let me tell you what I remember.

1. Always having a Saturday night bath for church on Sunday.

2. Yellow vinyl dining chairs that stuck to your bare legs.

3. Sitting in said vinyl chairs to watch TV.  Who ever heard of sitting on a sofa?

4. Leaning over the vinyl chairs to watch TV like Sue and Jeff are here. 
    That's what you do when your TV is  located in the dining room.

5. Staring at the TV the same way my kids do. 
    Anyone else still have nightmares from watching "Land of the Lost?"

6. That lovely carpet--even in the kitchen. Please explain the logic of a carpeted kitchen?

7. The mid-century modern decor. Apparently mint green trim goes with everything.

8. Always the paper grocery bag on the kitchen counter for a garbage can.  Why?

10. Crunchy candy cake decorations that Mom always put on our birthday cake. 
      I think that is what I'm snacking on in the picture.

There. Not bad for one picture. 
Wasn't that fun? Now I'll give YOU a turn!  
You get ten points for each little memory you can add for the following picture.  Ready? Set? Go!!!!


  1. I won't get many points for this...
    - Mom's sweater hanging on her chair. She usually wore one, they were often worn out and she liked to have a tissue handy, tucked under the sweater near her collar.

    - The plates...were the those the ones with the brown trim that Mom got from the grocery store?

    - The pass-through drawers to the kitchen...what did we keep in those? Was one of them silverware?

    - Aunt Judy is sitting in my spot...I had the end of the table for several years.


  2. Darn it. I can't remember one single thing from this. It's like I wasn't even there!

    Old age must be settling in faster than usual. :)

  3. Here are my thoughts..

    Uncle Milt is sitting on a wooden chair that Natalie uses now at her desk. On the bottom of the seat Dad wrote Lori/Susan/Kristi 12/29/72. He put together that chair and stained and varnished it for one of our desks. I painted a daisy on the back when I was a teenager...I guess that's why it came to me.

    The mixer in the corner of the kitchen counter which Mom used for everything from grinding cranberries to making all our angel food birthday cakes made it's way to my kitchen for another 15 years...

    Kristi squeezed in next to Mom at the end of the table for years until we were down to 6 when Lori left for college.

    Mashed potatoes in a big bowl, rolls in a wicker basket lined with paper napkins, jello salad topped with Cool Whip and a cherry...this must have been Sunday dinner or a fancy supper for Milt and Judy!

    That white telephone with the long cord...I called home from college and med school so many Sundays after church and pictured Mom talking to me as she boiled those potatoes and stirred her gravy. Thank you to all of you who waited for her to get off the phone so lunch would be ready and you could eat!


  4. This looks like it could have been in Good Housekeeping in the 1970s. Aunt Judy looks so stunning! Great comments! I love it!

  5. Hey! I just stumbled on this (obviously, I don't spend much time on FB!), but better late than never, right?

    I remember that striped shirt Mark is wearing — I'm not sure if he just had lots of red striped shirts or what, but all my vacation memories have Mark wearing red striped shirts and your dad wearing those red-white-&-blue plaid pants!

    I remember loving the classical music piped into (what seemed like) every room of the house. That alone made me love your dad!

    And yes, Lori, one of those drawers had silverware. I was impressed that you didn't have to carry it all the way from the kitchen!


    Wow, Mom, that was some stylin' dress there!

    The boys must have been very hungry, because not one of them is messing around—this must be the only photo in the archives with all three of them behaving at once.

    Love these blasts from the past, Kristi! Thanks!