Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Across the Sea

There is a little boy across the sea.
We do not know him. We know him on paper,
mostly facts and figures, a small picture.
So how is it that he has already worked his way into our heart?
How is it that we already miss him and we've never met?

I wish he knew us.
I wish he knew how much love is here for him.
I wish this would somehow keep his heart from breaking when he says goodbye.

But it won't.
He will leave people he loves.
He will leave places he loves.
He will know nothing of the present or the future.
He will not know us.
He will not love us, yet.

It's so much, Lord.
So much for little boy hearts.
You'll hold his heart, won't You? And ours?

You will weave our hearts and lives
into the beautiful tapestry that You designed.
We do not know how.
But we know You will.
And we can't wait.

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