Saturday, September 10, 2011

Note to Self


Yesterday was super-sized messy with a side of exhaustion and tears on top.

Honestly, when trouble strikes, I'm stubborn like a two year old...


And then I feel alone. Go figure.

But that didn't stop my clever God from sending help--via four special messengers.

Thank you, special messenger #1, 
for going out of your way to encourage me with your kind words at the park.
You blessed my socks off.

Thank you, special messenger #2, 
for sending an unexpected card with heartfelt words.
It came on just the right day.

 Thank you, special messenger #3, 
for calling to check in on me. Again.
You're always a sweet surprise.

 Thank you, special messenger #4, 
for offering to listen or help, even on your way out of town.
Your call was a lifeline.

None of these beautiful people knew just how much I needed to be encouraged.
But God did.

Isn't He clever?
I think maybe He loves me.

Note to self :

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  1. I still can't believe you guys had a problem with my insane jelly skillz.