Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm Learning

God lays things on our hearts that don't always make sense in the moment.

I often doubt His voice and blow it off like it's nothing.

Other times I listen, but waver in my obedience.

But I'm learning.

A few weeks ago I felt led to draw a picture for Joy, my blog friend.
 Joy had asked her readers to pray for the adoption of her foster daughter, "Pie."
(That would explain the button on my sidebar that says "Pray for Pie.")
I would pray! Still, I kept thinking about drawing something special for her.
I knew just what it would be. I loved a picture Joy had posted of her
little Pie reading books on the floor with light streaming in through the window.
It was beautiful to me--not just the composition and lighting of it,
but the way the picture expressed the peace, security, and joy this child has known
 in the loving family and home God chose for her.

So I  prayed and I drew,
but I never sent it.

I opted for a safer gift--chocolate.
I happen to know that she loved her chocolate surprise in the mail.
(You can read about it here.)
Yet there in my studio sat a finished drawing that I was too chicken to send.
Time went by and trials continued to come to my far away blog friend.
I kept praying for her and wishing I could do something like
make a meal or take the kids for the day.
You know,
something helpful.
And normal.

Then God suggested the drawing.

I scoffed at the idea...

"What? Really?"

"She'll think it's weird. I hardly know her."

 "What good is a drawing going to do?"

Then comes this:

"Why do you doubt your gifts?" 

He knows me so well.

Tears flow.

It's true. I do it all the time.

I doubt my gifts,
or more specifically,
that my gifts matter.

But I'm learning.

I put on my brave girl pants and sent the drawing.
 I think maybe she likes it.

May it bring glory to the One who gave me hands with which to draw
and may it bring joy to Joy.

~ ~ ~

Click on over to Joy's blog to meet this sweet and sassy southern friend and read her side of the story!  

Small Town Joy


  1. Wait, this was sitting on your desk for weeks????? Are you kidding me? What in the world?

    It is so precious. SOOOOO precious. It even moved my husband who is rarely moved by anything other than a football movie with an orphan in it.


    Thank you so much. For real. I LOVE it!

  2. You are so talented, Kristi. God used you to bless someone with something you thought wasn't special. Aren't you glad you listened to Him? I am. Sweet, sweet sketch.

  3. Oh my, you have a wonderful talent! God has gifted you with amazing talent.

  4. K - I am in awe. I mean, seriously, I can hardly comprehend that you drew that! It is breathtakingly beautiful and you should probably high-tail it to NYC and become a famous artist of some type. Stat.

    Also, I loved your "something normal" line. I get that so much. But it's true - sometimes what we have to offer is unique, and sometimes a unique offering is the very best kind.

    You're such a good friend.


  5. Wow! You are gifted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you really don't want to move to NYC I'm sure you could make a mint drawing for Etsy from your studio on the farm. ;) Also, I really like that first photo. What kind of cam do you have? And where do you edit your pic's?
    I'm the same way with my gifts it's easy for me to think someone else's gifts are better/more important or appropriate. Your gift in this case was 'perfect!'

  6. Kristi, this drawing is exquisite! You have such a natural talent, I hope to see more and more of your work!