Thursday, October 18, 2012

When Plan B is Best

Nobody signed up for my first attempt at art class.

There. I said it. I was so disappointed. I even cried.

Yes, I cried. Is that weird?  I thought it was.

I asked the Mr., "What's the deal? Why am I so sad about this?"

The obvious response, "Because this is important to you."

This past year has been a recovery effort--recovering creativity, recovering dreams.

So when I try something and it "fails," the first thing my heart hears is the enemy's voice saying,

"See, I told you so. Give it up. Nobody cares. It doesn't matter."

At first, I was ready to chuck the whole idea out the window.

How very mature.

It took me a few days to dig myself out.

Sometimes we have die to our own ideas to make room for God's.

I fought back the lies and held my dreams loosely.

I now have a class of two.

Jacob and Josie are the most committed, enthusiastic,

 and eager art students I could ever ask for.

It's our favorite subject.

As you can see, sometimes even Gabby can't resist joining the fun.

I love this time together more than words can say.

I may not have the class I had imagined, but this class still matters.

 It matters because the gifts God gives are important, 

even for a class of two.

We'll see...I might open up this art class idea again someday.

After all, God didn't say "no."

It was a "not yet."  


  1. Maybe His plan is bigger than yours! :)

  2. i would send my kiddos in a heartbeat. :) or better yet they can do art and we can drink coffee and you can espouse motherly/life wisdom to me. :)

  3. Kristi
    Your creative space looks so fun. You've got two students on your first attempt- that is great. Two are more than enough to help you develop your plan and work out all the ins and outs for your future classes. Keep blogging about your terrific class and your students and take lots of fun pictures and then share them locally. I bet you that two will turn into two more once the word gets around. Your studio looks like a wonderful place to create.
    Good luck with it all -
    Ellen (from Creatively Made class)

  4. Hi Kristi!
    I agree with easy to get discouraged when you have a heart for what you do. Oh my goodness...I wish we were neighbors because I would tell you...get your feet pounding the pavement!! Go out to churches, fairs, crafts shows and sell what your heart is telling you to. Make up samples of what YOU so...create and create some more. Post on whatever it takes...make a flyer and go to your chamber, schools, where ever you can. I don;t know what all you have done...but don't despair...pick another door and go!!! Blessings to you!

  5. Your budding artists are making some beautiful artwork! Give them Aunt Sue's high marks for art class.
    Love you, my amazingly creative sister!