Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Slide #2: For my Family

Okay family,

How about a little game of "I spy!" -- What do YOU see?

And one more...just because seeing the old balcony reminded me of this one.

This picture scares me.
What are you doing and why?


  1. Well..I spy the monkey bars where I spent half of my childhood. I spy the clothesline where we made forts out of old sheets. I spy the balcony that now looks to me like a safety hazard for small children. I spy the picnic table, painted yellow, where we husked corn among other things. I spy the grapevine..the rhubarb...the rocks. And of course I spy a pretty lady...Mom.

  2. Oh, and I spy little boys with guns?

  3. I see myself on the far right, with BB gun. Next to me is Mark Pennings with a Daniel Boone cap gun and Joel is at the far left with a pop gun. I still have that BB gun and the pop gun, they both still work too. I think we were just posing for the camera.

  4. Grapevines...Do you remember all those dark blue Concord grapes and how Mom would squeeze wonderful grape juice out of their skins?
    Bedroom windows... so high I couldn't see out, but Dad could. There was a pellet gun high in their bedroom closet that I remember him firing out the window when squirrels got into the corn.