Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Slide: For my Family

Dear Family, 

Remember gathering up Sunday nights in the living room for a slide show on the wall?  Can't you just hear the hum and click of the slide projector?  Can't you just see the dust particles in the light beam and the hand shadow figures on the wall? 

I have an idea. 

I love these old pictures.

You love these old pictures.

They bring back good memories. 

But you are there and I am here and we cannot share the memories together.

Or can we?

I propose we can!

I'll post a picture from the archives on Sundays (if I can be that disciplined).

Then you leave a comment about the picture, if you feel so inspired (which of course I hope you all do).

Feel free to leave your comments at anytime. Even if you forget or get busy and the days and weeks go by, you can always come back and leave a memory!

And don't forget to check back and read each others memories!

I think it will be great for us and fun for our kids.

No, it's not the same as Sunday slides on the living room wall, but shall we give it a try?

Sunday Slide #1:

Ohhhhhhhh...this is going to be fun!!!!!!


  1. Here's what I want to know...

    Who is celebrating a birthday? It looks like we are dressed for church.

    What is up with the bird? Was it the birthday gift?

    I tried cleaning the slide, but I think those are real scratches on Jeff's face. Am I right? Anyone remember what happened?

    Lori, I love your mod outfit and hair. Very groovy!

  2. One more thing...

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  3. Kristi,
    Sorry, I'm not going to be any help on this one. I don't remember a bird and I'm sure it's not my birthday, not enough candles.

    The shiny table...Dad made it I believe. White Formica. I remember when the chairs came home after getting "reupholstered" in bright yellow. Very stylish.

  4. I don't remember the table being so shiny--must have been newer in the picture. And the chairs were reupolstered? What were they before? I love the yellow, but they never ever matched the rest of the decor. Funny.

  5. I would have to say it was my birthday. As I recall we always dressed like that for my birthday.

    The birds name name was Keet. Will said I should have got a pair of Keets.

    I would like to believe that Keet is still out there somewhere soaring through the skies of Fremont.


  6. Bah-ha-ha--We always dressed like that for your birthday!

    Bah-ha-ha-ha--I finally got Will's joke. Funny boys!

    Did you lose Keet? I'm sorry. I'll keep my eye out for him.

  7. Ok first of all Jodi Deur did not say that or this.

    I just noticed Lori's comment. She must be repressing her memories of dear Keet and the role she played in his return to the wild.

  8. Sounds scandalous! As a matter of fact, she has a rather mysterious glazed look in her face. Like she's hiding something...

    But what about Jeff? He looks like he's got some explaining to do too.