Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fancy - Shmansy!

Since I've started blogging,
I try to take more pictures of the ordinary days of my life.
This is a good thing. 

My camera, on the other hand,  is not such a good thing.
But it gets the job done and it gives me the perfect excuse for my not so fancy photography skills.
Besides, I like the challenge of taking a pretty picture with an old beat up camera.

Pretty cool, huh? (Except that my dog thinks he is a cat.)

She takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin', this camera of mine--
unlike the one I sent through the washer AND dryer.
Sorry Hanna.

Hanna brings her fancy-shmansy camera everywhere.

And I love that.

The last few years she's been the sole family photographer.
But not anymore, because as Hanna explains with a hint of sarcasm,
"Mom is learning to take her own pictures now."

So here are some of my own pictures of
my beautifully ordinary yet extraordinarily busy days of May!

 We made a few trips out for pics of the wildflowers...

Yellow Trout Lily.  Not too bad, right?

 But put my camera in the hands of a 6 year old and you might get a little fuzz,

and my favorite Mother's Day picture turned out a little over exposed.

 Oh well.  I still love it.
Loved the day...loved the those kids!

 And of course, when you really want the camera to shine,

it doesn't.

So you keep trying...

 and trying...

and trying...

and trying...

and trying!

(Aren't they too cute?  Where's the paparazzi?)

Is there such a thing as an outdoor camera?
She always performs better outdoors.

Or maybe it was the better photographer.
 (Thanks Carol!)

Ye olde camera had a really great time outdoors on Memorial Day.

 At the parade...

 At the park...

At the ceremony...

Wow! Even a miserably hot, thirsty, and bored 6 year old can look good!

And then this.
I never took a picture of this before.

Planting flowers here was a special part of my Memorial Day.

Strawberry Pie is also a special part of our Memorial Day,
thanks to two of our favorite people on the planet!
 But again, the inside shots are just not right.

 Every now and then,
my camera gets hijacked
and just never know what I might find.

For example...

Amazing feats!

Or growling girls!

Or secret basketball scouting!

 Or tell tale self portraits!

And always the random dog pictures. 

I love my camera. 
She was a Black Friday special.  
We bought her that year to take with us here:

Yeah, that's a poster. But we really were there.
Don't I look thrilled? Sorry, but I'm definitely not a fan of the place.

But I am a fan a spending time anywhere with this guy!

Do you think you can stand just one more random camera memory with me?
Okay, great!

Once upon a time,
we thought she was a goner so my peeps bought me a new camera.
But she came back to life, that camera of mine.
And the new one went back to the store. 
Would you like to see my camera? 

Talk about fancy-shmansy!

                         HA! HA! HA! Just kiddin. She's not that old!


  1. I think I also had the camera in the above picture. :-) I was just updating a post about my dad's camera. There's just something about a camera that belongs to someone special.

  2. love it!

  3. I had that same camera except mine was PURPLE!!!

    Gosh, I wish I knew where it was.