Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I am happy to report that I am spending more time creating than I have in years.
It's THE best medicine for whatever ails me.  I feel like a bona fide creative person again.
I am sorry to report that I still have nothing to show you from my class yet. I'm working on the first project--vintage journals.  Of course, I can't just make just ONE and move on to the next project.  No, I have to start half a dozen vintage journals while I wait for the required tool to arrive in the mail! Oh brother. I can't help myself.  Soon I'll put them all together and show ya!

For now, I thought I would show you some of the other "stuff" I've been making.

How about this basket full of sunshine?

This clothes pin idea is easier than easy.  You can make these.  I know you can.
And there's a bonus--they'll make you smile!  
They look super cute paired with the next project.

Old frame + chicken wire + staple gun= scratched up arms and a really fun memory board.
 Again, not hard to make.  True, chicken wire is not so fun to work with.  But it sure is cute!  
You can also use smaller wire to make a jewelry holder like this one in Hanna's room.  Love it!

OR how about a board for recipes in the kitchen? 

Chalkboards are fun too.  Big ones. Little ones.
 I have a few too many around the house now. 
 It seems I have a problem of over doing it.  
It seems I have a fondness for red and turquoise.

You should really make one of these chalkboards for yourself. It's not hard at all.  There are tutorials all over the web for you.  Or I suppose you could buy one of mine.  But that's a whole 'nother idea spelled e-t-s-y.

Oh yeah, baby.

As soon as I figure out what in the world I'm doing you just might find me at...

Etsy shop coming soon???

Maybe.  I don't know yet.

Do I dare?


  1. yes you dare! DO IT!
    Love these creative ideas. Keep them coming!

  2. Oh my goodness! I loved every single thing you showed me.

    Those clothes pins? Yes, please!

    Chalkboard? Oh my sweet goodness!

    Sister has it going on!


  3. Love everything! :-) So glad that you are enjoying life right now! Much love!

  4. I love the frames with chicken wire. That is an awesome idea. The chalkboards are cool too. Did you make the chalkboard part yourself too?

  5. Just. Go. For. It. Already.
    gal you have some serious talent. can't wait to see those vintage journals.

  6. i'm responding to your comment over here 'cause i have my doubts that people actually 'get' the message if i respond at my place. wish your email was linked lady. :)
    1) i agree! i have to force myself to limit it.
    2) love you pinterest profile pic (you as a child i assume?)
    3) i can tell i'm gonna like your boards, but taxes are calling my name so, i'll ck them lay-ta'