Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Give Away!

 "pretty in pink"

Comments are reeeeeeeally nice,

 and yet not necessary for most posts that I write.

But a give away?  

Well, I'm gonna need some comments.

"painterly pansies"

Do you feel like you are being bribed?

It's not a bribe. It's a gift!! A sweet little valentine gift for you made by me.

"puppy love"

I had so much fun putting these journals together.
Thank you Jeanne Oliver for the inspirational class.
I have lots to say about that class and that amazing lady, but that's a for another day.

"graceful grays"

The  journal covers are made from old book covers, vintage papers, lace, old trinkets, and trims.

Inside is a variety of beautiful papers for you to fill with your thoughts and dreams.

Each journal has a personality of it's own.

I do hope you see one that you like, or maybe one you'll pass on to a friend.

"climbing rose"

All you have to do is leave your name and a comment,
telling me which journal you would like to win.  

Then I'll have Jacob randomly pick one commenter's name out of a hat.  
(Believe me, Jacob values fairness at all costs and will be most trustworthy with this assignment.)  

The winner will be announced here on Friday.  
I guess that means you'll have to come back and see if you are the winner. Isn't this fun?

"English garden"

So why am I so n-n-n-n-nervous?

Because if there are no comments it can only mean two things:
1. There are no readers, which is rather discouraging in and of itself, right?
2. The reader doesn't want the prize. Break my heart why don't you!

(a peek at the inside)

Maybe you are just too shy about this commenting thing.  Don't be shy!  Do you have any idea how fun it is to meet you?  I've met some really great people through blogs, and I'd love to meet you.  If we already know each other, please say hello and tell me you're there.  Somebody please tell me I'm not crazy for doing this.  Do I sound like I'm begging?  Bribing and begging?

(another peek)

I hate to sound desperate. I'm really not. 
I'm just excited to share a little something that has brought me so much joy.
Maybe it will bring you some joy too!



Here we go.  Drum roll please......

Are you so excited?

I can't wait to see which one you like.

Mostly, I can't wait to "see" YOU!


  1. You had me at hello.

    I want them all.

    The End.


  2. I really like the "graceful grays" That is my outlook on life - to age gracefully, Another year older next week and I still can't believe what number it is. We are in AZ doing things that are keeping us young. Love your journals. Mary Breuker

  3. Graceful grays, please! These are gorgeous.
    *Does Jacob prefer chocolate or money?*

  4. Climbing rose...or Graceful grays. They are all magnificent! :-) You have such a beautiful artistic eye!

  5. Aunt Kristi,
    These are all so beautiful and unique! God has given you an amazing talent.
    If I have to pick my favorites, I would say I like: Graceful Grays, Climbing Rose, and English Garden, but they are all gorgeous!

  6. Kristi,
    But I am inspired by them all! Love the "puppy love" denim book cover and that simplicity... think coffee table display book! I think that would love to shop for some more vintage laces and buttons and have you create one for me using things that were from my Grandma and remind me of her! Are you game?
    Keep creating!

  7. They are all great but I especially like the "graceful grays"! How creative! Mariel

  8. We have to pick *one*? These are awesome.

    Pretty in pink.

    Have a great day!

  9. I like ALL of them Kristi! They are beautiful! If I had to pick one.......oh boy. Graceful Greys I guess! ;0) thanks for the fun idea!

  10. From sweet miss India:

    oooo la la! All of them are adorable, so whichever :]

  11. English Garden, please! love them all. I saw them in person while we were rummaging through your craft room last Thursday, and they are all so lovely :)

  12. painterly pansies is my favorite! :) But they're all amazing! You're so creative, Aunt Kristi!

  13. what about me? can i get one? haha ;)

  14. Kristi, you are SO very talented and I truely enjoy your blogs. Is it terrible that I have fallen for your bribe?? I LOVE them all but Climbing Rose and Puppy Love really stood out to me. I also love making things and get some life back in doing that. Thanks for sharing your creations!


  15. Love the English Garden. They are all so unique, everyone who receives will be blessed.

  16. Gorg-a-rama!

    (As in, "gorgeous", not "gorganzola".)

    Love these!!

  17. Hi Kristi,

    What a fun Valentines Day idea! Did you make all these in your online class? They are beautiful! I love the image of the little child with a dog in "puppy love" and the accent colors you used. I may not comment, but read and enjoy every post you write. :) So come on Jacob....pick me, pick me!


  18. stop you are way to hard on your self!!! Your journals are lovely. You are funny too. I would love one. thanks your for sharing. xo Laura

  19. oh I love them all but puppy love sings to me.

  20. ohh your a hoot! i feel your pain...a little shy myself. great to 'meet' you. just popped over from the 'creatively made' facebook page. your journals are all beautiful! love the 'graceful grays'. hope you have a great day!

  21. Beautiful journals and you did an amazing job putting yourself out there. I'm so happy you were brave!

  22. gal this post made me smile, you are too funny(i would be the same way -- nervous)....and looks like you do have a couple of readers. :) what a perfect day for me to stop by, hmm now which one??? can't choose they are all lovely. well done!!!

  23. Kristi,
    If I had to pick, I'd say pretty in pink. But any would be a a sweet reminder of you.


  24. All of these are beautiful... but my favorite one is the graceful grays. Thanks for the wonderful chance at your giveaway.

  25. Your journals are lovely! I can't even choose a favorite!

  26. I love the climbing rose! But I love your blog more :)


  27. You've done it again- you are so talented. I like the one with the flower on it and some sort of buckle. I do feel a bit funny since I see you all the time, but want you to know that i religiously follow you!!


  28. Kristi, you are very tricky. Painterly Pansies, please.
    Love you, Sue

  29. Kristi,
    I am a friend of Joy's and came over to check out your blog... LOVE LOVE the graceful grays. You are very talented. I wanted to tell you the picture you did of Pie was so precious! Glad you were obedient to those tugs on your heart.