Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lysol Duty

Stomach flu has infiltrated my domestic bliss. 

Please tell me... why does stomach flu always strike my children
in the wee hours of the morning?

I feel like a ticking time bomb.

Can we please talk about something else? 

 Let's think happy thoughts.  

The kids had a break from school last week, so we made plans for some fun.
We were in dire need of some fun. Dire!

So here's what we did.

We packed our bags and ran away to the city.

You wouldn't believe how much luggage was in our trunk for one night away.


You also wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a hotel that will allow six people in one room.

"Hello, we would like a room for six, a pool (of course), and complimentary breakfast, please.
 And it has to be cheap.  But not gross. Thankyouverymuch." 

Mission accomplished.

In fact, we managed to find something for everyone.

The big mall for the big kids.

The slightly disappointing little pool for the little kids.

And the children's museum was a hit for everyone.

Now this adventure weekend was all about the kids,
 but my man made a spontaneous game-changing move.
All I said was "There's that antique place I've been wanting to see!"
and BAM we were there.
Yes, he is that awesome.

The little peeps in the back seat were less than thrilled.

I believe my response was something like this...

"Isn't this a nice surprise for Mommy?  You get to do something you enjoy and now I do too!"

They were not impressed.

Welcome to Lost and Found Antiques.

Do you see anything you like?

Josie had her eye on that little red number.

(for Joy?)

Pretty amazing, huh?

I'd really like to find a big V someday.

 (red S for Shannan?)

Thought long and hard about these crates.

Can never have too many globes.

Can you have too many blog pictures?

Sorry about that.

I just can't help myself.

Remember, I'm trying to escape from my less than pleasant Lysol reality.

I kinda' sorta' need these too.  Maybe next time...

 (for Rebecca?)

Are you drooling yet?

Trays anyone?

I do like fun glasses.

"Hello, is this U-haul?  I'm going to need your largest trailer."

As we walked back to the car Hanna says,
"I think I'm starting to understand why you go to those places.
That was really cool!"  

Of course that may have something to do with the early birthday present she scored.

I scored a present too. I love me a man with an orange 70's desk lamp.

This beauty had to come home with us too. It was love at first sight.

So what would come home with YOU???

Tell me. I'd love to know.

And what did Awesome Dad get?

The city's best burgers.  

Good times, good times.


Now back to the barf.

Hey Hanna!Thanks for some pics!


  1. So much fun! Those red mugs are really tempting. And the wash tub and maybe the white table with the mismatched chairs and... my credit card just choked.

    Sorry about the barf. My kids prefer pre-breakfast, so I get to smell it and the lysol on an empty stomach. Hope they are feeling better soon.

  2. Wait - That place is in Grand Rapids???????????????????????? Must go. I want two of everything in the store!

    And I LOVE knowing exactly who "Joy" and "Rebecca" are. You pegged them! (And if I don't know them, then you happened to peg the ones I DO know. Ha ha!)

    Thanks for the virtual giftie. You are the best! You're also so prettyyyyyy!

  3. Oh, Kristi so sorry about the barf, but I love how we got to explore a bit on your get a way!! What a great shop. i'm with you on the crates, so cool, like pretty much anywhere!!

  4. Oh my word!!!! Did you have them ship that directly to me? I'll have to have a new sofa to go with it. And carpet. Possibly shag. Law.

    I love that you think of me in the big city!

    Hope you all feel better- Pie has it here- and it's ugly.

    Back to spraying...


  5. * what a fun first photo
    * I want to go shopping with you. I have yet to find a good antique haunt around my stomping grounds.
    * I have a aunt & a handful of cousins in MI. Elizabeth & Mount Morris to be exact.
    * you have my # with the little bloggie gift....I have one just like it. :) thanks for thinking of me!
    * lovin' that globe you picked up.
    * orange 70's desk lamp. Blog it baby! We want to see where you put it. Pleeeease!
    * uggh! Barf. I. Am. Sorry. Hope you guys are on the mend.

  6. So much fun! :) I'd love to visit this antique store you found! Oh, SO cute!

  7. Well... what can I say? I do enjoy my camera. :)
    and you're welcome. :)