Monday, May 23, 2011

Almost a post!

24 hours a day has not been long enough lately.  
I know I am not alone in saying that the month of May
has been ridiculously busy.

Something has to give.
Blogging is the first thing on the chopping block for this busy momma.

So here's the thing.

Tonight I've got 45 minutes to whip out adoption journey Chapter Seven.

I'm gonna go from January 2011 to the present day in 45 minutes, people.

I know!

You're just hanging on to the edge of your seat now wondering, "Can she do it?"

Or maybe you just want me to get on with it already.

Okay, goes!

I'm sorry, can you hang on a minute.
  I have to quick say goodnight to Jacob.

There. I'm back. 

Just a second,
Todd wants to talk something over. 

Okay, I'm back again.

 I just looked at the clock and realized that Gabby is waiting for me to come in and pray and say goodnight. I'll be right back.


 I stopped by Hanna's room too.

She reminded me that I need to get to bed on time.


Because earlier today I had announced that I must get to bed on time tonight.

Because I was so tired that I crashed on the couch in the middle of a beautiful Monday afternoon.
 I slept with one ear open.
And it was noisy.
  Kids were playing.
The dog was barking.
I even answered questions.
(Yes, moms can communicate without opening the eyes or saying a word.)

Finally, the house is quiet.

I can have a complete thought without interuption.

Or maybe not.

That 45 minutes of blog time is long gone.


Yep.  Anyway you say it, it's gone.






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