Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chapter Eight - No One Else

"George" jumped of the list.
(I am SO SORRY, but we are not allowed to share his picture with you yet!)

I had noticed him on the waiting kids listings before.

Maybe I should inquire?

Nah, we are taking a break.
(still staring)

He's pretty cute.
(still staring)

I'll keep looking, maybe make a list.
(he's first on the list)

This is so hard. 
(how do you make a list?)

I'll just inquire about four.
(It will take her a while to get back to me anyways.)

~ ~ ~

When Todd came home for lunch that day,
  we talked
...about adoption.
 ... about how it's in our face.
 ... about how God won't let us take a break.

I told Todd about the little waiting faces and how I inquired about four.

an email arrives from adoption worker.
She has the requested information.

But only for one.
Can you guess who?

No one else.

We pray about "George."
We think about "George."
We talk about "George."
We really, really like "George," 
a two year old in South Korea
with a long medical history.

His medical file was enormous and we couldn't understand the half of it.
The parts we could understand were pretty scary.  
We didn't care. 
Still, we had already learned that ignorance is never a good thing.
So we sent his medical files to my sister, a pediatrician, and asked for her input.

We waited.
I was so afraid of what she might say.
I was so afraid she would discourage us from going forward.

She didn't.

I emailed our adoption worker the next morning: "What's the next step?"
She had to check if he was on hold with any other Bethany families.

We waited.
Six hours later--no holds!

Now she had to check again. He might be on hold though another agency.

We waited.
48 hours later--no holds!

Guess what.

He's on hold now.



And this is how we feel about that!
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