Sunday, May 8, 2011

Some Things I'd Like to Thank You For.

Here Mommy, this flower is for you.
This Mother's Day I'd like to thank you for 
some of the things I never thanked you for.

    For making us eat our vegetables. 

     For growing our vegetables.

    For teaching us how to work.

       For doing too much by yourself.

For baking angel food birthday cakes with the sweetest vanilla frosting ever known to mankind.

For just the right birthday presents.

For taking a family Christmas picture, 
whether we liked or not.

For shopping for and wrapping up 
all those Christmas presents. 
And then cleaning up our mess.

For getting five children ready for church every Sunday morning and every Sunday night.

For sending us to Christian school with really awesome lunchboxes.

For countless hours in that teeny tiny kitchen.

For feeding us Sunday meals every day of the week.

For packing our picnics

and taking us to beautiful places
and on rare vacations.

   For cats and dogs, fish and birds. 
For reptiles, rabbits, and rodents.

 For sewing dresses,

for music lessons,
and for homework help.

For baby dolls and bedtime stories at the end of a very long day.

And for all the things that can't be found in photographs,
Thank you.
Your children arise and call you blessed.

you were a Proverbs 31 mother and wife. 
I pray that you have received 
"the reward she has earned" (vrs.31).


  1. Beautiful!
    Thanks for teaching my children about the Grandma they never met. The pictures show more than my words ever could.

    Happy Mother's Day to another awesome Mom, my sister!

  2. Well said, Kristi.
    Thanks for bringing back some great memories.

    Made me cry.

  3. Made me cry, too!

    What a special woman your mom was. Such treasures you've been given! Thanks for sharing these, Kristi.

    Your cousin Lynn

  4. I love reading these posts about Grandma. Almost makes me feel like I've met her. They also make me get teary-eyed, and wish that I had met her. But I can't wait for the day that I get to meet her and Grandpa in Heaven. Love you! ♥