Sunday, November 13, 2011

Safe and Sound

Last Sunday we got a flat tire. "We" -- meaning all six of us in the van. On the highway. It's cold. It's windy. We're 30 miles from home.

Where's the Greatest American Hero when you need him?

The Greatest American Hero tv show photo

I loved that show way back when.  I bet my brother can still sing the whole theme song. "Believe it or not--I'm walking on air..."  Remember that? Never mind.  Back to the saga on the highway.

My Mr. has never been put to this test. Do it himself? Nah. He has a better plan. One quick phone call and help is on it's way. Thank you for roadside assistance programs and cell phones!

Soon Mr. Roadside Assistance arrives, but he's having some difficulties. The big kids and Dad have to get out of the van and stand in the highway ditch or the lift won't work for Mr. Roadside Assistance. Mommy and Josie stay in the van. We pray. Mommy's nervous--thinking of the late night news headlines, and traffic accidents, and scary stuff.  Mommy prays some more.

Mr. Roadside Assistance finally gets the van up and the wheel off, ready for the spare. Problem is, a spare tire doesn't do you any good if you can get it off it's rusted bolts. Yes, that's right. The spare tire won't budge.  Mr. Roadside assistance can't help us anymore. Good-bye Mr. Roadside Assistance.

Now we're going to need Mr. Tow Truck. Another call. Another wait. But thank you for tow truck drivers! Problem is, six people are not going to fit in the cab of a tow truck. We don't know a soul in this town. It's late, and dark, and cold, and windy. It would take friends or family at least 40 minutes to get to us. More praying. We're going to need a taxi cab for six. Another call. But thank you for taxi cab drivers! We pile back into our van and wait on the highway, still praying.

Mr. Tow Truck arrives.

Mr. Taxi Van arrives.

God provides.

And we all head home--a thirty mile tow truck ride and a thirty mile taxi ride. It's the most expensive ride we've ever had, but worth every penny just to be homeall safe and sound.

Who needs superheros in tights? 
God answers prayers.


  1. yes he does. I love it. Not the sitting alongside the road part, but the praying part. And I loved Greatest American Hero. Have the piano music for it, and played it often!!

  2. Yay God! My cousin loved that show and sang that song all the time (along with the Dukes of Hazard). I haven't thought of it in a while.