Monday, November 28, 2011

You've Been Blogged

 Dear Family, 

You were warned this might happen.
Yep. You've been blogged.
But don't worry.  I have a very small audience.

I'm sorry.  I can't help it.  You're all so photogenic!

We had such a fun day together.  I can't just let it go un-documented.

I promise your identities will not be revealed.

I'll even throw in an unflattering picture of myself  if it makes you feel better.

I'm hoping this day was the beginning of a new tradition.

Why do the kids always look so fun...

and the adults always look so serious?

You can't be serious ALL the time.

Especially when you've found the perfect tree.  
 Josie and Gabby get the credit for picking out this beauty. 
Where's the other two?


While we do all the "work."

I love these kids.  They make everything more fun. 
(We miss you two down south!)

Let's go!  We're getting hungry!

Now this one I'm not going to talk about.  It's a little shady.

Table for seventeen, please!
A cozy old train depot turned restaurant provided the perfect atmosphere for our breakfast/lunch/supper/snack/dessert/meal in the middle of the afternoon.

The perfect ending to a perfect afternoon.

 That wasn't so bad, was it?


  1. Aww, I love it. ♥

  2. We had a lot of fun, too. And we got a pretty sweet tree named Bethany. What a great day! Next year we will bring Bowser with :)

  3. I love going there to pick out trees. I will be sad if we have to get a fake one. It seems like it should be snowy though. :-)

  4. Wish we could have been there! We'll see those trees and those cousins in just a few weeks.
    Love you!

  5. What a GREAT day! Never seen a tree farm load people & trees up together like that before ~ too FUN!