Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Slide

What's everybody looking at?

Do you remember this "event?"
I remember that mom was very sentimental about that tree trunk 
because of all the little hands that held on to it as they crossed over the creek.

Remember that velour couch?  I can practically feel it!
And I spy a familiar looking race track...Joel's?

This is a classic Dad picture.  He's got his standard "uniform" of khaki, plaid, and the hat.
So handsome. Always doing something.  I always thought he could do anything. Anything!
The only times I remember him sitting were to eat, read the paper, 
or read The Banner.

Mom wanted to save a chunk of that trunk for a keepsake.
I wonder if they did?


  1. Goodbye to the tree stump was going to be my guess...Does anyone remember why it died or how it broke off? I think I was about Ethan's age when I wore that nice plaid top. Is that you on the sofa, Kristi, with those long waves?

  2. Sue, I think that might be Julie V. with the long wavy hair. I must be the one who belongs to the white-socked foot in front of mom!