Wednesday, July 20, 2011

how to love camping when you really don't

My kids love camping.  

I love that they love camping. I love that we have dear friends that introduced my kids to camping and continue to take them camping every summer.  I love that these same wonderful people loan us their camper for our very own camping adventure every summer. But do I love camping?  Ummm...well...

As a girl who personally enjoys the comforts of having one's very own toilet and shower and privacy and personal space, camping does not come naturally for me.  You know it's bad when you barely survive three days and three nights in a fancy 5th wheel just a block off Lake Michigan.  I probably shouldn't mention the camper has a full kitchen, air conditioning, couch, recliners, gas fireplace, master bedroom, and pop-up big screen tv. Some wouldn't call that camping, but it's as close as I come to rustic.

Seeing my family's love for camping makes every moment out of my comfort zone worthwhile.  How can you complain when your six year old wistfully sighs for at least the second time that first day, saying...

"I just love camping. 
I love the way it smells.
I love all the different kinds of campers.
I love the pretty camper lights."  

So maybe I won't ever share her deep appreciation of all things cramping camping, but I can sure appreciate her joy.  I'm learning that I can love the camping experience too, when I love it through the eyes of my children.

After all, once I get accustomed to the over population of campers and tents, the startling half clothed bodies, the multitude of little busy biking-blading-scooter-skating people zipping around me, the 24 hour non-stop campfire smoke inhalation, the sand in and on everything and everyone, the fear of the strange smell occasionally wafting from the bathroom, and the awkward waiting in line with complete strangers for a much needed shower only to have other peoples' children banging on your door to come in--there are some things I actually appreciate.

I'll let the pictures do the talking...



Most of all, 
I appreciate the memories,
gathered up like the treasures they found on the beach.

~ ~ ~

*Special thanks to Charlie and Melanie, our camping sponsors!

We owe you:
3 cans of diet caffeine free coke 
2 cans of dr. pepper
traverse city cherry flavored coffee
one box of Capri-sun
several bottles of water
half a bag of potato chips
a handful of cashews
a handful of very yummy trail mix
at least a few snack packs of keebler cookies
a few tablespoons of peanut butter and jelly
four slices of bread
a delicious glass of orange juice
so much more than words can say!


  1. I am not a camper either, but I could handle a night or two in a real camper. Pictures are great!

  2. You don't like baseball games or camping?! wow mom. ;)