Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Slide: For my Family

This one's for the boys!  Wheels, wheels, wheels!

I have not been very faithful to my Sunday Slide presentations, so to make up for it, I'm posting three, yes, three blasts from the past.

Jeff, you look very Huck Finn-ish here. I love it. And I can't help but notice that Dad was not the only one with a fondness for plaid pants.  Is that a spear?  Was that legal? Where were you fishing?  And is that a neighbor friend?

Joel, is this your blonde shaggy "do"?  Again, the plaid pants run in the family.  Funny, I thought you were older when you got a unicycle.  I guess in a little sister's eyes, you were OLD.  Any idea what that little sign in the grass was for?  What about the box--tools, tackle, or lunch?

Okay, looking a little older here. You graduated from banana seats to four wheelers. And the Zipper!

So where did you go this day with cousin Mark and how did you get all three on the truck?  And was is cool to pull one's jeans up to one's rib cage?  Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Leave a comment...share a memory!


  1. First of all, was there ever a time when plaid pants and self administered grundies were not cool? Yes that is a spear. We Deurs never had much use for the "law". Could that be Brad Wall or Kieth Dunn?

    I don't know how old I was when I got the unicycle, but if I recall correctly it came with a pair of plaid pants. Some sort of deal we worked out with a clown no doubt. I think the sign said "Where 'Cool' goes to die."

    I have thought about that trip to Mini Pond trails many times over the years. I don't remember how we got the things on or off the truck.
    I do remember how cool we felt driving there. We turned a lot of heads on the way. Looking at the picture now, I see it may have been because I was such a clothes horse.

    Thank for the memories. Can we pick on someone else next time?


  2. I just never know what you're going to say, but it always has me in stitches. You have a very interesting interpretation of events, Joel. I now I have a whole new appreciation for plaid pants. Truth be told, I'm wearing plaid shorts today. Cool never dies.

  3. Those pants need to make a comeback. I remember that I never like to wear jeans as a kid, I must have preferred to wear polyester.

    I remember spearing those carp and then riding home with the spear just like that. It was not a very comfortable ride home, to say the least.

    That last picture is great, thanks for posting that. I can remember lifting the three wheeler up on to the top of the truck mostly by myself. I guess it must have been that heavy. There are two Honda Odysseys there, one of them was borrowed from Niles White.