Friday, July 1, 2011

paper prayers and goosebumps

Please pray for our papers.

I know that sounds strange, 
but we have very important adoption papers about to travel
around the country and around the world.  
It is so important that they get where they need to be.
So many little things could go wrong and little things cause big delays.

I'm trying my best to go with the flow.
Roll with the punches.
Ride the waves.

I trust.
I really do.
God's timing always works.

Perfect example:
Yesterday I took the "littles" to the pool
while the big kids were at a Tiger's game.
Thanks to our recent road trip,
the "littles" have resurrected an old favorite pastime,
 back-seat bickering.
"Raise your hand if you think bickering is 
mind-numbing ear pollution!!!"
Sorry, the "raise your hand" game is also very popular around here. 

on the way to the pool,
I kindly suggested that if the bickering did not stop, 
we would turn around and go back home.
The bickering did not stop.
The van turned around and we went home.
One must stick to their guns in parenting.

The Bickersons were given 10 minutes of solitude 
and the promise of a second try.
I was given 10 minutes of random free time to check out one of my
favorite blogs.

The point of my somewhat random story???
During those 10 minutes of bickering-induced solitude, the phone rang.  
It was Todd -- with a question.
Could I please run to his work and sign an adoption paper 
that we somehow missed?
(He is my paperwork hero!)

"Raise your hand if you think that God is clever and awesome!!!!"
Because I was home, and not at the pool, the paper was signed as needed.
Surely there is much more of this clever coordination going on than we will ever know or see.

Small little story, 
but it gives me goosebumps whenever God sheds a little light 
on His goodness and love.

So yes, pray for our papers.
And then pray for our boy.
And then pray for his foster family.
And then pray for his birth mom and dad.
And then pray for the people and places that make this process work.

And then praise God for giving this momma goosebumps.

Many of you have asked for an adoption update.
It has had many delays along the way, but the homestudy is officially approved. We have just turned in another stack of important documents and most of these will be sent to South Korea. From this point in time, we can expect to wait four to eight months for our travel call. Pray for the four month mark! In the meantime, we will be filling out grant applications and working to raise the remaining funds. Pray for the remaining funds!  Thank you!

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