Monday, July 25, 2011

what not to do when it's hot outside

Last week offered the kind of hot humidity that induces insta-sweat without even twitching your baby finger. 

So what did we do?

1. Horse camp.

Of course she loved it. Every steaming hot minute of it. LOVED. IT.

2. Carnival rides.

Of course they loved it. Me? Not so much. All was well until the stomachs started churning.

3. A minor league baseball game with first baseline seats baking in the sun.
 Some of us loved this more than others.  Of course he loved it.  Not everyday you get to hear your name announced and run on the field for the national anthem with a minor league team. 

4. Ran a race. (not me)

A first timer.  No jitters.  Just joy.  And popsicles.  I loved this. Good job, buddy!

5. And finally, to finish off the madness, a partly rainy parade. 

Some of the family was in the parade (not Ronald McDonald) and the rest of us watched. Who cares if it's hot and you had to lug your 4 chairs, 4 full water bottles, 3 umbrellas, and 1 very heavy bag a few blocks with 3 less than thrilled helpers. I love small town parades. Love em!

A busy week it was!

I was not at the top of my game with the heat 

and the constant stream of events.

 I'll be the first to admit I don't always appreciate the busy, the messy, the ugly.

But somehow I have to believe it's all good.

It's not always good like riding your brand new bicycle out the door of your favorite store.

Sometimes it's the ugly good--a never tidy house, the daily bickering, rarely a complete thought, never a moment alone, another meal to make--things that are the way they are because of the six wonderful people who live and learn together in this cozy little house.

This kind of good is harder to see, 

but I'm looking.

~ ~ ~


  1. Wow that was a lot of fun for one week!

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  3. (typo in my last one) but #3 was NOT bad at all. :P and JOSIE GOT A NeW bIKe?!! how did i not know of that?! shouldn't that have been the FIRST thing she told me when i came home?! haha

  4. sounds crazy busy!
    cute post! :)