Thursday, July 28, 2011

don't just see what you think you see

Years ago,
 when I was a younger girl
finding my way with a pencil and brush,
I was inspired by the words of my artist teacher:

"Don't just see what you think you see. 
Look out that window...see it...that grass isn't green!

She was right. 
The grass outside that window reflected golds in the light and cool blues in the shadows.

My eyes were opened--forever changed.

~ ~ ~

I have found an unexpected gift in writing

It helps me see

It stops me in my busy tracks and somehow  

slows down time 

just enough for me to see it a little longer 

and find the good gifts in what might otherwise seem

an ordinary mess of a day.

And so today, 

every day,

I will carve out a moment from the madness 

and sit where I can tune out the busy and tune in the daily grace.

And I think maybe my eyes are being opened -- forever changed -- again.

1 comment:

  1. great thoughts! and wonderful artwork! I especially love the picture of the leaf and journal! :)