Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Slide: For my Family

Awwwww...look at that perfect 70's family!!!.

Jeff and Joel have a distinctly Amish groove going on.

Lori and Sue could totally be friends with Marcia Brady.

I sure hope mom put some shorts under my tiny dress. I look so little next to my big sisters!

Anybody know where we are?

Can't wait to hear from you!


  1. So Joel is pretty clever and figured this out already. He said, "If I had to guess, my hunch is that park in Kalamazoo". So we googled "Kalamazoo parks", found Bronsen Park, and waalah! There's the reflecting pool!
    check it out..
    I guess Amish guys are pretty smart...
    thanks for another Sunday slide memory!

  2. Now, from Joel...

    First of all, what is wrong with my typing?

    And now, in regards to the picture...
    --Was I ADD as a child? Because I was not aware of that.
    --Is it my imagination, or does Jeff have his arm around me?
    --This picture was taken before I learned to pull my pants up properly.
    --It looks like Lori or Sue may have dressed you in one of their Velvet doll's dresses.
    --And check out the enormous 'fro on the person in the background. You've got to love the 70's!

  3. Nobody makes me laugh like you do, Joel. You Amish guys are genius AND funny.

  4. Lori here...
    Why were we wearing long dresses in Kalamazoo? Did someone get married? Maybe one of Aunt Helen's daughters. Sue will remember.

    Mom made my dress for my 9th grade graduation. I remember she had to dye the white ribbon with tea to get it the proper shade of ivory to match the fabric. What a great Mom, spending all of that time to make our clothes just right. I can't imagine how she was able to do it all!

    I loved that bag I was carrying. It was woven from some grass type material and it had colorful flowers stitched on the front. I bought it(or Mom and Dad did) to take on my 9th grade class trip to Cedar Point. I thought it was so cool.

  5. This was after Nancy's wedding in Kalamazoo. We wore those long dresses to church too sometimes. Isn't that weird?

    Perhaps Jeff's arm was around you because he thought you might fall into the fountain, Joel. What a good big brother--or was he actually hoping to assist with that?