Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chapter Three - Mountain Moving

 As is often the case with adoption, my husband and I were not immediately on the same page. Adoption was a frequent topic of conversation, but Todd was just not quite ready to climb on board the adoption train.

I've been known to drag my husband along
on some pretty wild goose chases,
but this was a whole different ride.

We both needed assurance that this was  
God's plan, and not mine.

No pushing. No nagging. No convincing.

In other words...

In time, I began sensing more urgency to the tugging in my heart,
but I could not and would not move forward without my man.

We talked about the idea of attending some upcoming adoption events just to get educated on the subject.  But as the dates approached, Todd was clearly very busy and did not want to make work of going. 

My prayer journal reads, 
"There's a mountain
that is going to need moving if You want this to happen for us.  
I will trust You to do that, and to make the way clear if this is Your plan for us."

How long would we wait?

Four days. 
Yep. You heard me. 
Four days.
No, not forty. F-O-U-R. 
4 DAYS! 

Four days later,
out of the blue, Todd calls me from work.
  "I think we should go."

No pushing. No nagging. No convincing.
God opened Todd's heart and mind, not me.

God moved the mountain.

            But um...where exactly are we going???        

"Whether you turn to the right or turn to the left, 
your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying,
"This is the way: walk in it."  Isaiah 30:21


  1. Oh I love these stories! I am all aboard!

  2. Kristi, i love your story, i love the mountain-moving God of your story and this verse was one He gave to me during one of the adoptions.

    keep on sharing, keep on moving, all aboard!!

    kimmy k

  3. isn't our GOD amazing!!!!!

    we just have to climb aboard, be patient AND have an open heart!!!!!

    He WILL take care of the rest and take care of us too!!!

    love the blog, i read it everyday!!!!!

    love ya! kim =D