Monday, April 25, 2011

A Scrapbook Look at Yesterday

Pink bows and pretty dresses.

The annual "MOM! It's too cold to be out here!" after church picture.

Look how much they've grown!  Ahh...memories.

But what really makes the day fun?

The eating...

The dancing...

The hunting...

The talking...
The biking...

The walking...

The goofing...

The eggs???

No!  These eggs!

And we always miss you guys!

I love my family.

And it all started here.

One more thing.
We might be seeing some of you again soon--
Missing anything???

Thank you for the pictures everyone!


  1. Haha. Yeah, we left some stuff... (and did I leave my senior pictures on your table?)

  2. hahaha! I didn't even realize i left my shoes too! apparently i'm not too attached!
    ...and i love this post, by the way.

  3. oh yes, looks like we'll be back. I think that is Joel's jacket. So everything is probably our :) Baseball game in Fremont is on May 17 :)
    thanks for a great dinner and fun times!
    Love you,

  4. i LOVE this post! And the people. :)