Saturday, April 30, 2011

Goodbye Winter. Hello Spring.

It was a quiet lazy spring evening tonight.

A little bit of this...

And a little bit of that.

Laughing and rolling around in the grass brought us all back in time a few years
to another lazy evening together on the front yard.  

They warm my heart and break it all at the same time.
  When did they grow up on me?
  Is there anything I can do to keep them little... a little longer?

No, there isn't. So we live it and love it, these growing up years.
We keep marching forward, relishing each precious gift of a day.

 But tonight, I linger between looking forward...
and looking back another front yard.

It happens every time the seasons change. 
And it's grief.  

Yes, grief. A little mini-grief cycle that must run it's quick course through my head and my heart.  Every single time the seasons change, it makes an appearance, like it or not. Once I recognize this seasonal guest, we exchange a few tears, share a few memories, and go our separate ways until the next season approaches.  

And so tonight,

as I relish the late evening sun

and giggles in the grass,

I not only happily say goodbye to winter,
I sadly say goodbye all over again to so very much more.

I know. 
It sounds serious.
Don't worry. It's all good. 
Good like the unpleasant dreary rain we've had all week 
that has now made the grass green and the buds ready to burst.

And after MY rain, I blossom in the assurance that
"Thou changest not, thy compassions, they fail not.
As thou hast been thou forever wilt be!"

Goodbye winter. 
Hello Spring.
Hello, strength for today 
and bright hope for tomorrow.
Hello, blessings all mine,
with ten thousand beside!

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