Wednesday, April 20, 2011


You can learn a lot by watching your children play.

If your lucky, you get a little window into their heart. 

Today was one of those days.

My 6 year old has always had a very expressive imagination

with all things pink, 



and plastic.

They truly come to life in her mind

and the rest of us get to enjoy the very dramatic dialog

At some point one of the characters will break forth in song.

Every. single. time.

It's priceless. Please remind me to get some video.

This play is a regular part of everyday life around here.

I don't always have my ears tuned in, but it's there.

Today I cannot resist as
the dramatic scene unfolds.

Apparently these girls have big dreams of being the

next American Barbie Idol.

They have been rehearsing ALL morning.

The friends are dressed in their glamorous runway fashions, 

 piled in their sleek blue convertible,

striking out to follow their dreams of making it big under the lights of the stage.

Suddenly the actions stops and I hear words that melt my mommy heart.

"Dear Lord,

please give us a safe trip to Hollywood.

Help us not to be shy...

and to do our best. "

There it is.

A window to her heart.

Opened wide.

In Josie's world,

Barbies pray.

They talk to God.

They seek His help in Hollywood.

And that, my friends, does a mommy's heart a world of good.

Photo credit goes to Hanna for the very first and very last shots. That first one is a forever favorite!


  1. beautiful. You and Todd are doing great things over there :)